Building Just Education Standards

Inclusive Education Quality Standards Campaign

The Act 1 Working Group has spent the past two years reviewing a State Board rule called the Vermont Education Quality Standards and preparing recommendations for updates to this rule for the State Board of Education. The Education Quality Standards are a document about what we believe schools should be.

In April 2022, the Working Group finalized and submitted its recommendations to the State Board of Education. These recommended updates are based on equity and inclusion and will ensure that students from all backgrounds are safe, respected, and successful in our schools. Check out this plain language summary of the recommended changes or the official recommended updates here.

This fall we are organizing a speak-out at the State Board of Education to ensure that these important changes are approved. Sign up to take action!

EQS Two-page Overview 

About Act 1

The Ethnic Studies and Social Equity Working Group bill, H.3, became a law, Act 1, on March 29th, 2019. This is a historic bill with the potential to transform our educational system.  The bill established an Advisory Working Group to review state education standards and to recommend updates and additional standards to the State Board that recognize fully the history, contributions and perspectives of ethnic and social groups.

The bill is only as strong and impactful as our movement. We can think of the standards as seeds. In 2021, the standards will drop. However, they will only flourish if the ground is ready. We are working with students, teachers, parents, and community members throughout Vermont to ready the ground and do the work of school transformation in parallel with the work of the Advisory Working Group.

Thank you to all the people who support and believe in this work! Together we move towards a more just society in Vermont. And to learn more, check out our Act 1 FAQ Document!

Advisory Working Group

The Ethnic and Social Equity Standards Advisory Working Group was created by Act 1 of 2019 to review state education standards and recommend updates and additional standards to the State Board that recognize fully the history, contributions and perspectives of ethnic and social groups.  The Advisory Working Group is composed of community members that represent various social and ethnic groups and state stakeholders. The group holds public meetings on a monthly basis.

Click here to learn more about the Advisory Working Group and to attend future meetings

Addie Lentzner – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Amanda Garces (Chair) – Vermont Human Rights Commission

Amanda Rohdenburg – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Barbra Marden – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Celilo Bauman-Swain – EdJ Coalition Appointee (Student Representative)

Chelsea Myers – Vermont Superintendents
Association Appointee

Cynthia Reyes – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Heather Bouchey – The Secretary of Education Appointee

Heather Lynn – Vermont School Boards
Association Appointee

Hiba Ali – EdJ Coalition Appointee(Student Representative)

Infinite Culcleasure – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Julie Hansen – Vermont Independent Schools
Association Appointee

Joyce Lee – EdJ Coalition Appointee(Student Representative)

Lynn Murphy – EdJ Coalition (Abenaki Representative)

Mark Hage (co-chair) – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Maxwell Barrows – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Miakoda Schultz – EdJ Coalition Appointee

Michael Martin – Vermont Curriculum Leaders
Association Appointee

Mike McGraith – Vermont Principals Association Appointee

Natasha Eckart Baning – The Vermont-National Education Association Appointee

Vera Sheehan – EdJ Coalition (Abenaki Representative)

Xusana Davis – Executive Director of Racial Equity