Advisory Working Group

The Ethnic and Social Equity Standards Advisory Working Group was created by Act 1 of 2019 to review state education standards and recommend  updates and additional standards to the State Board that recognize fully the history, contributions and perspectives of ethnic groups and social groups.  The Advisory Working Group is composed community members that represent various social and ethnic groups and state stakeholders. The group holds public meetings on a monthly basis.

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Working Group Members

Amanda Garces, Chair
Vermont Human Rights Commission Designee

Mark Hage, Vice Chair

Natasha Eckart Baning
Paraeducator, Paine Mountain School District
Vermont-National Education Association Designee

Maxwell Barrows

Celilo Bauman-Swain

Heather Bouchey
Deputy Secretary of Education
Agency of Education Designee

Infinite Culcleasure

Xusana Davis
Racial Equity Executive Director
State of Vermont

Asma Elhuni

Jade Hazard
Director of Cuirruculum, Lamoille North SU/SD
Vermont Curriculum Leaders Association Designee

Mara Iverson

Bonnie Johnson-Aten
Vermont Principals Association Designee

Heather Thomas Lynn
Vermont School Board Association Designee

Barbra Marden

Chelsea Myers
Director of Professional Development and Communications, VSA
Vermont Superintendents Association Designee

Bruce Pandya

Cynthia Reyes

Miakoda Schultz

Vera Sheehan

Amber Wylie
Vermont Independent Schools Association Designee