Anti-CRT Response

As the Anti-CRT movement ramps up across our country and across Vermont we remain steadfast that we must continue to push our good work and vision forward and not get stuck in a place of distraction and reaction. Therefore, the Education Justice Coalition is committed to continuing onward with our work around getting police out of schools, impacting COVID recovery funding, supporting ethnic studies and more. At the same time we have seen how detrimental this movement can be to students, teachers, and whole communities and therefore cannot stand by idly. We have seen how communities in Vermont from Essex, to St. Albans, to Springfield, to Orleans County have been able respond with love, compassion, and deep levels of relationship building and organization.

We’ve created a sign on letter and encourage local communities to have their district leaders sign on (through this form) so we can take a proactive stance on this issue. Below are some resources and supports we’d like to share in this work.


Support we can provide:

  • Connecting you with other communities who have successfully responded to the anti-CRT movement
  • Publicizing events and speak outs
  • Writing and sharing support statements on behalf of the Coalition (sample statement written for Springfield)
  • Jumping on a call to brainstorm with your local community

Our Students Deserve the Truth about Race and Racism – Thanks to the following school districts that have signed on and taken a stance!

  • South Burlington Schools District (Admin Team & School Board)
  • Addison Northwest School District (Admin Team)