We did it! H.3 is now Act 1

We did it. Each and every one of you played a part in getting this bill across the finish line – now is the time to celebrate and plan for the future.

The bill signing itself was an incredible experience with people from all walks of life, ethnic and social backgrounds and across the state coming to bear witness to living history. We packed the house and told our truths.

VCESES founder Amanda Garces made it clear in her remarks: This happened because of you and for all of our youth. This triumph is but part of a long-range vision where Vermont youth are given the tools to become truly anti-racist, champions of equality and global citizens.

So now, we must organize. It is time to start connecting in our communities across sectors to build a readiness to change and support the design of an infrastructure to implement these goals. We are all in.

Let’s get to work!

Historic moment for Vermonters. H.3 has been signed by the governor!

Posted by ACLU-Vermont on Friday, March 29, 2019

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