Police out of Schools Coalition 

Our Vermont-based Police out of Schools Coalition came together in the summer of 2020 to dispel the myth that schools are safer with police in Vermont schools. As a statewide Coalition, we work to provide educational and network spaces to support local efforts to engage school districts in removing police from schools. We also provide technical support and communications support for communities with active campaigns.  Our focus includes alternatives to police and dialogue around how to keep schools safe and how to implement restorative and transformative justice in schools.

Our Police out of Schools Toolkit!

In spring of 2022 we launched our collaborative Police Out of Schools Toolkit. Here you’re find a compilation of wisdom including location and national research as well as resources and stories from our grassroots movement in Vermont.

Who we are:

Our Coalition includes Vermont Legal Aid, Vermont Human Rights Commission, Outright Vermont, Neighbors for a Safer St. Albans, Rights and Democracy, Youth 4 Change at The Root Social Justice Center, IDEAL Middlebury, ACLU of Vermont, Windham County NAACP, and The Education Justice Coalition of Vermont.

If you are working to get police out of schools locally or just want to connect on this work reach out to us at vtethnicstudies@gmail.com. We have lots of resources to share and we want to support your work!

Events We’ve Held:

September 2020Should Police be in Vermont Schools? 

October 2020Alternatives to Policing in Vermont Schools 

December 2020 – Chat with us about getting police out of schools – Vermont Legal Aid Dispelling Myths Factsheet

March 2021 – From Restorative Justice to Transformative Justice: Foundations of Restorative Justice – Punitive – Restorative – Transformative Justice Comparison Tool

May, 2021 – From Transformative Justice to Restorative Justice: Exploring Youth-led Restorative Justice